Boris Romanov, DMSc, Academic Director of the Scientific Center of Expertise of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Head of the Department of Pharmacology of Pirogov Medical University (Moscow), graduated from General Medicine Faculty of RSMU in 1992:

- The choice of my specialty (pharmacology and biochemistry) and specialization (clinical pharmacology, pharmacovigilance) was influenced by the advice of relatives and then - by the advice of colleagues.

From the second year of studies I was engaged in pharmacology in RSMU Student Scientific Club. Having graduated I started to work at the Department of Pharmacology of the same University and had an internship in Pharmacopoeia in the USA. In 9-year-term I left Ryazan for Moscow.

In Moscow I taught biochemistry at RUDN university, pharmacology at two medical universities, worked in the pharmaceutical business and then conducted research work on safety of drugs in the Scientific Center for the Examination of Medical Facilities of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

I believe that I have been lucky with my work path and I am grateful for the support of my family and my colleagues.

I recommend school graduates who are planning to enter a medical university to assess their ability to go through a few years of intense studies not to be disappointed afterwards.

I wish good luck to medical students and advise them besides studying the main subjects to find energy and time to learn English and get some work experience at a pharmacy or a hospital. It will expand your opportunities and prospects.

Due to experience of teaching in five medical universities I see that training at RSMU allows you to get theoretical knowledge at the level of Moscow universities (it`s worth noting that it depends on the self-study of a particular student), and at the same time master practical skills at specialized departments and clinics in Ryazan.